80 ACT: Choose a design for your webshop

Source: 123rf.com


  • Find a style / look for your webshop.
  • (in this couse we will skip the step of making a wireframe; of course you need to know what a wireframe is



  1. Copy a screenshot and link to the chosen design into your webpage.
  2. How does this design fit your customer needs? Explain your choice.
  • Remark:
    you do not have to use Shopify for building your webshop. The purpose of this activity is to think about the structure and style of your webshop. By chosing a sample design you will have clear picture of what your webshop will look like. You can try to build a copy of the chosen Shopify design.



  • Create subpage "80 Activity: Choose a design for your webshop"
  • Title: 'Our chosen design'
  • Put your answer on the created subpage.