61 Phone numbers and online chats

With online shopping, buyers interact with sellers via computer networks making transactions that aer no longer geographically bound. When there is a problem however, customers would more likely prefer to have someone they can talk with. This is the core of the need for a store support team; 24/7 hotlines and live chats are highly appreciated forms of value-added customer service.


If online purchases can be done all day and all night long, there is a need to provide 24-hours customer services to solve the majority of pre-sale and after-sale questions. Moreover, people can go online from their working places or from home, so a purchase — and any accompanying enquiry — may come at any time of the day.


Just as an example, below are 5 online stores which provide quick and professional round-the-clock help.


Wiltshire Farm Food

Wiltshire Farm food



FourEleven Phone Number



Lulu's Phone Number



BigBrownBox Phone Box



Versapak Phone Number


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