Amazon: interesting resource for product ideas


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How to use Amazon for finding intresting product ideas

Source: David Hale


Amazon is an interesting resource for product ideas and there are several ways that I used it. First, I visit the magazines section and sort them by bestsellers . Doing this allows me to see which topics are of the most interest to people.
Once I know which topics are popular, it’ll give me ideas for products that might sell to that market. At minimum, it will give me another avenue to start my search for products that might sell to that market.


For any category on Amazon, you can search by bestseller. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and click on a few products. Do they have a lot of reviews? If they do, that means plenty of sales have been made.


Example: 'dog training' is a hot niche market

1002 reviews for Cesar's Way


If you figure that probably one in a thousand buyers takes the time to leave a review, 1002 reviews suggests that a very large number of sales have been made. Clearly, dog training is a hot niche market! However, the term “dog training” is probably too competitive for you to achieve a first page ranking for, so you will need to find a micro-niche with less competition. I will cover how to do this in an upcoming post.


Another thing I like to check on Amazon is how the book ranks overall in terms of sales versus other books. Luckily, Amazon provides this for us. To get this information, all you need to do is scroll further down the page until you see the information below. As a rule of thumb, I am looking for a rank of somewhere between 5,000 and 150,000. Higher than that, and the competition will be intense, to say the least.

As with eBay, the great thing about Amazon is that you can become an affiliate and promote anything to sell.


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