Facebook Insights, tracking metrics for your local business

With Facebook Insights, it is easy to track the performance of your business’s Facebook Page

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Finding ways to measure whether or not a marketing strategy is working is smart business, and Facebook makes that task a little easier with Facebook Insights.

Many Facebook page owners aren’t even aware that Insights is available, or even if they’ve noticed the Insights link on their business page, they’re not quite sure what it does or how it can help their local business.

Insights provides metrics to help Facebook page owners track and analyze various trends, including consumption of content, creation of content, user growth, and demographics. Once a page has 30 "Likes," the Insights link will automatically appear on the left sidebar.

All page administrators of a Facebook page have access to Insights. When clicking on the link, the administrator will be taken to a page that provides date in the context of an “Interactions” graph and a “Users” graph that helps analyze:


  • Total Fans and Unsubscribed Fans: Common sense tells you that you want to focus on fans who have unsubscribed to determine if there are any trends related to when and why fans unsubscribe. You also want to look for a particular timeframe or event that causes more fans to "like" your page. 
  • Interactions per Post: This metric is extremely useful, as it gives you a means to judge what content and posts are getting the most attention. Given that a primary goal of a Facebook page is providing content that keeps fans coming back for more, this is a very helpful metric.
  • Page Views: If your daily page views aren’t increasing in correlation with your growing fan base, then you may want to dig deeper to find out why.

In addition to the metrics Insights helps you to analyze, Facebook has some other benefits, as well. Unlike many analytical tools, Insights is free for a page owner to use. That fact, coupled with the fact it’s pretty easy to utilize and comprehend Insights, gives Facebook page owners a great opportunity to monitor their business trends. That, in turn, makes it much easier to change and tweak your local-business Facebook page to get the best possible results.

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