Course examination

The course 'e-Marketing' will be examined in two parts:
by a group assignment and by a written exam.

group assignment counts for 50%
written exam counts for 50%


(* in examination period 3)

group assignment counts for 50%
oral exam counts for 50%

Group assignment

  • Students will showcase their skills and learn from their progression by creating a webshop proposal for an existing business that will be visually and orally presented to the class during a show-and-tell session (= group presentation).
  • Before creating the webshop proposal, students need a company authorization. A template document has been prepared to formalise the authorization of the company.The document is available in Dutch and English: 
    • Company authorisation_v0.2.docx (English)
    • Toestemming bedrijf_v0.2.docx (Dutch).

      (@student: Please get it filled in and signed, and return to   and/or It is mandatory to get this authorisation - this will amongst others protect us from copyright infringement accusations)
  • The webshop proposal must contain the following:  
  1. e-Commerce plan
    containing your answers for the ACTivity pages (see on the following pages)
  2. draft webshop



  • The written exam contains theory based and application questions (based on practical situations).


More details about the group assignment and examination will be given during progression of the course.