Landing page

When visitors "land" on your website, it would be interesting to know "where they come from". Was it a link in your newsletter ? Was it a search engine result ? Did they click your paid ad ? Was it a paper ad with a link ? Was it a QR code ?

The location they come from will also influence what you want to tell and show those visitors. E.g. if they are searching for a specific action or product, you should better not show your homepage, but rather a tailor made page talking about this topic. If that page can not be reached through normal navigation on your website, you are sure that counting the number of visits or "landings" on this page has a one-on-one relation with the related ad. That's the landing page trick: have website pages that are not reacheable through your normal site navigation.



Why landing pages ?

  • For analytical reasons: be able to measure where people come from
  • Only the ad mentioning this landing page can be the source
  • A specific page can contain content perfectly matching the ad


How to build an effective landing pages?

  • Good Looks
  • Good Keywords context
  • Good Way’s to contact