Activity: market your webshop idea


  • Make your webshop idea marketable (=ready for customers)


  • Do a team reflection. Describe in a few sentences how you will meet requirements below.
    (Limit yourself to a maximum of 3 actions per requirement)
  1. you understand your audience inside and out (see subpage A1)
  2. you create customer value (see subpage A2)
  3. your marketing is cross-platform (see subpage A3)
  4. you build credibility to your webstore (see subpage A4)
  5. you make it easy for customers to reach you (see subpage A5)
  6. you guide your customers to your website (see subpage A6)
  7. you take care of your customers (see subpage A7)


  • Build sub page “ACT 4.A: marketable idea” as submenu of the menu “Activities” on your webshop.
  • Put your answer on the created subpage.