Show and Tell instructions


  • Don’t use PowerPoint or other presentation software.
  • Don’t try to walk all your activities (you don't have the time for walking them all - have a selection fitting your timeslot).
  • Don’t assume you are talking to the teacher.
  • Don’t assume you are the student.
  • Don’t hold a paper – you should know your story by heart.
  • Don’t come without having done a “dry-run” with your team.



  • It’s a show and tell.
  • Tell a great story.
  • Give a great demo.
  • To convince the customer.
  • You (an e-business consulting firm) have the most promising concept.
  • Point out the most promising features you thought off.
  • The time your team has depends on your teamsize (larger teams have 5 min more). Cfr. planning.


Scoring: 10 points on group assignment

Show & Tell (4p)

  • 2 points: presentation and webshop showcase.
  • 2 points: content quality.
  • “No show” during Show and Tell =  0/4 points  for concerned team member.
  • No company authorisation proof: -2 points.

Your groupwork (webshop with it’s activities) (6p)

  • Deadline submission: 31 December, 23h59 - electronic submission on Chamilo.
    (If only a paper submission received - the paper submission will be used instead)
  • [1..7] days late: max score 3/6.
  • > 7 days late: score 0/6.

No peer review, but

  • Team should provide feedback to teacher if a team member does not take up a significant workload.
  • Score correction up/down group score based upon quality and quantity of activities performed.