Activity: find some local e-commerce ICT service providers


Learn to select an ICT supplier for your business by analysing what he has to offer to cover your needs.


Find 2 e-commerce ICT service providers / consultancy companies in your neighborhood (*).
For each of them, clarify:

  1. Name, URL
  2. Do they provide consultancy based upon one or more of the open source e-commerce packages mentioned above? Which one(s) do they favor ? Do they provide an argumentation for their choice ?
  3. Which of the following services do they offer. (check and explain in one sentence per service what the content of the offering is - if they offer it)

            a. Consulting
            b. Implementation
            c. Maintenance
            d. Operations
            e. Out-tasking
            f. Outsourcing
            g. Infrastructure hosting
            h. Cloud services (specify if public or private cloud)
            i. Custom projects

        4. What have you learned from this exercise ? What will you retain ?

(*) International students select a service provider in their country as sample



  • Use the public cloud service Prezi ( to document below answers
  • Create subpage "ACT 0.1C: service providers"  under tab “Activities” on your e-commerce website (*)
  • Title: ‘Searching for e-commerce service providers’
  • Introduce the activity, and then place the link to your prezi
  • The prezi slide set has to be structured as follows:

Slides (using below paragraph titles):

  • Instruction summary slide
  • Service provider :
  • Name of provider and url
  • Short summary of what they do (2-3 sentences)
  • Name of package(s)
  • Answers to questions a-i
  • Service provider :
  • Same sequence 1-4 as above
  • What is your learning experience ?

(*) you have to wait 1 lesson here, till you have selected the product you will use ! – so just start with the prezi and pauze then.

Activity TIP

Use a directory service to find ICT service providers !