Activity: evaluate your selected cloud provider


Learn to evaluate and select a software solution, understanding the possibilities and limitations.


  • Pick your (public cloud) product for your class project (good or bad, does not matter)
  • Evaluate it. Use Prezi as tool to present your evaluation. (Max 10 slides). You presentation must be attractive
  • It’s not surprising that the service part might be weak for a public cloud provide


  • Use the public cloud service Prezi ( to document below answers
  • Create subpage"ACT 0.1C.: Evaluate cloud providers" on your e-commerce website (*)
  • Title: ‘Selecting my e-commerce cloud service provider
  • Introduce the activity, and then place the link to your Prezi.
  • Your presentation should (1) introduce the cloud solution selected, evaluate the pro and contra of (2) the product, (3) it’s cost and (4) service aspects.

Activity tip

You can find some evaluation material on: