Case Reasons why bakers should be on Facebook

Every business local, or of national fame, needs to be on Facebook. It is a great place to remind fans and prospective customers about the brand and tempt them to try its products time and again. Why should bakers be on Facebook, one may ask. The question is quite similar to asking why they need to advertise. It is important for bakers and confectioners to reach out to their clientele and keep them hooked to their business. Facebook is a wonderful platform to do so. Every day, millions of people across the world log into Facebook to interact with their friends and their favorite brands.


Crumbs Bake shop, their fans would appreciate a facebook store



Give them something to bite into

A Facebook fan page is indexed by search engines and thus, it improves the SEO of the business. It makes it easier for fans to find a brand on their favorite social media network and allows them to interact with it. An excellent example of a bakery that uses Facebook rather remarkably is the Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey. The business has a fan following of 140,000 and receives a tremendous response every time the business posts pictures. Needless to say the brand focuses on its creativity and ability to offer customers just what they demand. The high quality photographs on the fan page do justice to the bakery. It also uses its ‘Events’ section to keep customers aware of events and offers that may interest them.


There is no commerce like social commerce

Businesses, irrespective of what they sell, need to consider creating a facebook storefront where they can showcase their products. The Sugar on Top Bake Shop sells its delightful products on its website. It would do well by creating a facebook store which will allow the business to focus on its scrumptious creations and allow fans to buy them while they catch up with their friends and share some of the sugar too. Fans would be tempted to send some delicious baked goodies to their friends on their birthdays, special occasions or just to sweeten their day.


Storefront Social is an application that allows a business to set up a Facebook store in a matter of minutes. The Facebook shop can be customized to meet the needs of the business. This includes offering content in several languages, using the business colors and allowing customers to complete their purchase with several currencies.  The app has a truly global appeal.


One of the biggest advantages that a business gains by being on Facebook is the fact that it is able to interact with its fans and customers closely. This helps business managers develop and refine marketing techniques that would have a better impact. Also, when fans read about the terrific experience that other customers have enjoyed they are tempted to taste the baked delights. The La Boulange Café and Bakery uses its Facebook page to keep fans abreast of the latest events and deals.


The Crumbs Bake Shop sold over $23.5 million of cupcakes in a year.  The bakery realized that its cupcakes were a great hit with a rather wide audience which included mums with toddlers in strollers buying them alongside corporate suits. The brand now sells its cupcakes on its website and its fans would definitely appreciate a Facebook store where they could shop without having to leave the social network.