Case Carlsberg, 'That Calls For A Carlsberg'

Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema

Source: carlsbergBE


Carlsberg took to a shot at a social stunt (2012) to generate conversation for their campaign. They filled a 150-seat theater in Brussels, Belgium, with 148 of the most intimidating, mean and hulky looking bikers they could find and left two seats empty in the dead center. For those who took the seats, Carlsberg rewarded their act of bravery, with applause and fresh, cold beer of course:


Why It Works

Would you sit down? Which of your friends would run in the opposite direction? The bravery to face your fears is something to be admired, says the beer label. The video ties into its larger advertising campaign, with the tagline “That calls for a Carlsberg,” aimed at rewarding men who step out of their comfort zones and prove themselves to be courageous. The simple yet effective story caught the attention of millions who identified with the emotions, and the YouTube video has 11.7 million views as of September 2012.


Indeed, the candid-camera style format is a favorite of many, and when placed on a social medium it has an even greater effect. Did you know what you were getting into when you watched the ad? I sure didn’t. The surprise is so genuine and applause so encouraging, it makes you want to share the video with your family and friends.