Duty to inform

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General information duty

(dutch: Algemene informatieplicht)


Following data must be mentioned on the website:

  • Identity business and geographical address (legal name, legal form (BVBA), address, registered headquarter, phone, email, company number,...)
  • Foresee a link to the general conditions (dutch: algemene voorwaarden)
  • Main characteristics of the product or service
  • Price
  • Delivery fee
  • Available payment methods, payment delay, product and service delivery process
  • Revocation right (or lack of revocation right)
  • Return process, including the associated return costs
  • Remote communication costs (0900 line, sms,...)
  • Validity period offer or price
  • Minimum service agreement period


Have a look at a Belgian webshop to check they follow the legislation.

e.g. Colruyt collishop, general conditions


Specific information duty

This "information duty" comes in action when a consumer actually executes a buy transaction, so it is "specific" to that transaction.

What ?

  • Order confirmation

How ?

  • Written, permanent carrier (so be careful it's not just a volatile pop-up on your website)

Content ?

  • Identity, Price, Delivery costs, payment method, delivery, execution of the agreement, revocation right, minimal duration agreement, description product/service, customer address, after sales service, warranty, contract termination

When ?

  • The latest when delivering the goods, prior to service delivery

Sanctions ?

  • Reflection period increased, even loose payment right!




Look at this example...


Source: Antoon Schockaert, Unizo presentation, e-Commerce, begin er niet aan!”

Source: https://allwebsites.be/online-verkopen-onder-de-belgische-wetgeving-na-10-mei-2010