Exceptions revocation right

Belgian law, a couple of exceptions:

The customer can not revoke his purchase for a selective number of products and services. The main ones are:

  • Production or service delivery commenced with consent of the customer before end of reflection period. (For example, there was an urgency to get the service delivery be done a.s.a.p., the service is consumed: the right to consult a data bank)
  • Custom build goods – They are build to the specifications of the customer, or have a personal nature (e.g.: custom paint color)
  • Return impossible due to goods nature. (e.g.: 5000 Kg stabilized sand)
  • Perishable, fast deteriorating goods (e.g. Fruit & vegetables, Flowers)
  • Seal broken (e.g. Audio, video, software)
  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Lottery & bets
  • Home caddy/package delivery
  • Lodging, transport, catering, leisure services

Likely sanctions...

Typical impact for not mentioning the legally required texts (purchase revocation right, no purchase revocation right) are in case of dispute at least:

  • Return shipping cost at charge of the seller
  • Reflection period increased to 3 months instead of 14 days


Source: Antoon Schockaert, Unizo presentation, “e-commerce, begin er niet aan!”

Source: https://allwebsites.be/online-verkopen-onder-de-belgische-wetgeving-na-10-mei-2010