Legal scope & context

E-commerce: Online B2C sales & legislation

New Belgian legislation (10 may 2010)

In this module, we will discuss a subset of topics relevant for e-commerce in Belgium. An important legislation change became active on 10 May 2010. This new legislation has as objective to stimulate honest competition between sellers, and to limit dishonest market practices. This new legislation has a specific chapter about customer protection.

Upcoming EU privacy legislation

New harmonized EU privacy legislation (under construction / EU parliament). Expected final acceptance voting april/may 2014

It's about remote sales

What we will discuss is about 'remote sales' of services and products to consumers. Mail orders and phone-sales are also considered remote sales.

It's about Business to Consumer

The legislation applies to B2C (business to consumer). Ruling for business to business trade can deviate somewhat.
The legislation defines a consumer as:

  • a natural person
  • buying for non-professional use
  • products and services available on the market