e-Commerce pleonasm

'To me, the concept of - online commerce - is becoming a pleonasm.'


'Because trading is done through all channels available – including websites. The boundaries between the classic ‘bricks’ and the new ‘clicks’ are disappearing at a stunning pace. Online companies open physical stores, while those who have been selling in brick & mortarstores, are further exploiting the new channels of e-commerce.

Our second e-commerce survey, still the most comprehensive in its kind, shows that online commerce has reached a certain level of maturity. Some sectors still have tremendous growth potential within the existing online population, while others need to focus on attracting potential customers in the ‘offline’ world. 
These are exciting times for everybody in our trade. I hope this survey will give you an idea of what the future will bring.'

Dominique Michel
Ceo Comeos


Source / read more: comeos.be