Looking around

Step 2. Look around

Just brainstorming, you will run out of ideas. Let's try another method: Look around for information sources which can provide you with new keywords. You can have a look in the environment your business is active in, such as websites and blogs about topics related to your business and industry segment. Have a look on your competitor websites. And, this might be surprising, have also a look into material you can collect from your own business.



  • Profession Fora, Blogs, websites: Have a look at web locations writing about topics related to your business. You might get additional ideas. What are they writing about related to your domains ?
  • Social Media – What’s the buzz ? You could follow som "guru's" in your professional domain


  • Site structure: It's always interesting to look to competitor websites. How did they structure their products ? (e.g. mixed navigation model ?) The navigation structure will contain keywords.
  • Interesting ideas and content ? 


  • E-Mails – Interactions with your business: your business probably has a mailserver with mail archive. The mail interaction customer have with you might bring keywords and topics you hadn't thought of.
  • Conversion data, site statistics, log files internal search engine: If your business has already a website, you might have access to analytics data telling you how people did find your current website. Your website might also have a "search field" on its home page. What did people type in there ?