Brainstorm on keywords


Module 4.E and 5.C did provide you with a full overview of the SEO landscape. In this chapter, we will get ready to implement parts of what you have learned into your webshop. We will not implement the "full story", for example Server SEO will be skipped. Still, we will cover the analysis and implementation of following domains:

  • Determine the right keywords
  • Web site structure
  • Client side SEO implemented
  • Work on content
  • Linkbuilding strategy


Keyword search methodology

To isolate the right keywords, different search techniques should be combined. Only by using those techniques together, you will be able to come up with a rich pool of keywords you can use in your SEO strategy. We will use a 4 step method:


  • Step 1. Brainstorm
  • Step 2. Look around
  • Step 3. Enrich
  • Step 4. Then: Sort, Eliminate, Decide



Step 1. Brainstorm

The first step consist of brainstorming, reflecting on the keywords you can just think of. To assist the brainstorming process, you should not make the error of only thinking about the products your are selling. Use following questions. The answers you provide will bring you newl keywords.

  • What are you selling ?
    (e.g. selling white spirit: "paint thinner")
  • What does my product do ?
    (e.g.: selling thinner: "remove paint", "clean brushes" are valid)
  • Which problems does it solve ?
    (e.g.: if you are selling detergent, "dirty floor" might be a valid keyword
  • When is it used ?
    (e.g.: if you are selling garden furniture, "summer outside" is a valid keyword)
  • Who uses it ?
    (e.g.: selling white spirit, then "painter" might be a valid keyword)


While collecting keywords this way, start categorizing and organizing your keywords in logical groups...