Activity: SEO your webshop


This activity will study the implementation of a number of SEO techniques for your webshop, and result in you actually applying this. The activity is a group activity - it is recommended to split the work in the team. This activity covers material from modules 4E, 5C and 5D.


a) Keyword selection

  • Fill in for your project the keyword selection excel sheet
  1. Find a quantitative and qualitative realistic set of keywords (and long tail keywords) for your webshop.
  2. Categorize them.
  3. Indicate the keyword methodology used to find them. You should make use of all the different methodologies available for your search.
  4. Decide where (SERP AND/OR website AND/OR SEA,... ) you will use those keywords.Note:  This should actually be implemented if checked (except for SEA).
  5. You document all of this in excel file “keyword map.xlsx”). Click this link, or download from Chamilo (module 5.D, keyword map.xlsx).


b) Access method

  1. Design the access method (e.g. mixed).
  2. Motivate (e.g. user behaviour, SEO,...)
  3. Document in sheet sitestructure.xls (chamilo, 5.D) or click this link
  4. Implement on your prototype (at least a part of it)


c) SEO meta tags

  1. Look in the documentation of your webbuilder for screens to set SEO tags.
  2. Set “Title Tag”, “Description Tag”, “Keywords”
  3. Provision to mark double content pages for “no index ?” – if so do as required.


d) Linkbuilding:

  1. Provide the link to 4 websites (or blogs, fora,...) you think are good candidates to get inbound links from.
  2. Motivate why.
  3. Explain how you can get that link on that website (strategy, how will you convince, will that cost money ?)



  • Build sub page “5.D ACT: SEO" as submenu of menu “Activities” on your webshop
  • Paragraphs (using below paragraph title):

1. Instruction summary

2. Result

a) Keywords

Embed the link to your excel sheet “keyword map.xlsx”. Preferably upload it as a file on your website and provide a link to it.

b) Site structure

Provide text motivating the sitestructure design. Your motivation should cover the behaviour of visitors of your website looking for information as well as the impact for SEO. E.g. are you using a hybrid design?
Embed the link to your excel sheet “sitestructure.xls” documenting this design.
Implement this design as far as possible on your prototype webshop.

c) SEO tags

Provide screenshots of setting the tag values for your webshop for Title Tag, Description Tag, Keywords Tag.
If available in your tool: screenshot for “no index” of a page to prevent doubles.

d) Linkbuilding

Provide the link to 4 websites (or blogs, fora,...) you think are good candidates to get inbound links from.
Motivate why each is a good candidate, and explain what your strategy is to get your link on that website.