Activity: Write your e-commerce plan


Create e-marketing plan for your business


Activity performed per group

Create the e-marketing plan for your business, using following assumptions:

  • You want to build a real life webshop (so full products set, professional layout quality, full implementation of identified integration work where possible)
  • Using the same web-builder tool you are using now, but in it’s paid professional flavor (so this will be a cost driver you have to add)


You can at this point in time implement:

  • Situation analysis, Objectives,Strategy and tactics

Start this activity after module 3.A.4. by building the e-marketing plan, filling in the word template till "Stategy and tactics". (This document can also be found on Chamilo->Documents->Course Stefan Biccler->Mod 3.A).


Later on during this course, you will further complete this activity with

  • "Resources and Budget".

You are ready for this after having covered chapter 5 "Tactical Actions".


As last activity, complement in your Word document

  • "Measurement and Control".

You should feel ready for this step after having covered Analytics both for social media and for websited. This will be at the end of this class. So in conclusion, you will need 2 revisits on this activity to finish it of...


Build sub page “ACT 3.A: e-commerce plan” as submenu of the menu “Activities” on your webshop
Paragraphs (using below paragraph title):

  • Instruction summary
  • Result
  1. link to e-com_plan.docx document you made
    In a later phase of this course, you will revisit this activity, and add:
  2. link to excel e-commerce budget file.xlsx you made