Introduction e-Commerce plan


The structure of the e-commerce / e-marketing plan consists of following phases:



  • Structure of the e-commerce plan
  • Introducing the business

Situation analysis

  • Analysis of the external environment
  • Analysis of the internal environment
  • SWOT analysis


  • Business objectives
  • Detailed objectives:Tangible benefits, Intangible benefits
  • Critical success factors

Strategy and Tactics

  • Channel ?
  • Product ?
  • Market ?
  • Processes and Structures ?
  • Price and promotions ?
  • Your place in the sales process ?

Resources and budget

  • Project timeline assumption
  • Tasks & Resources
  • Headcount evolution to run our project
  • Non-labor costs
  • Total budget
  • Month over month budget requirements
  • Conclusion

Measurement & Control

  • Business result
  • Marketing result


Study Tip:

How to time your work on the e-commerce plan ? Start out with Situation analysis, Objectives,  Strategy and Tactics. Write already out this part of the plan. Then pause on this activity till you have seen some more theory. Your teacher will trigger you when you are ready for the Resources and Budget calculation. Measurement and control will have to wait till you have been looking into Analytics.


Introduction e-commerce plan

Introduce in a couple of lines the business this e-commerce / e-marketing plan will address.