This chapter explains what we want to achieve by bringing the e-commerce and e-marketing solution in place. We will cover

  • Business objectives
  • Detailed objectives

We will also have a look into the critical success factors to achieve this.


Business objectives

Our mission statement:
Write a “mission statement” about the objectives you want to reach using e-commerce and e-marketing for your company.


Example ebay:"Ebay's mission is to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything."


Detailed objectives

This paragraph lists the detailed objectives of the e-marketing and e-business solution.  This is done by identifying the benefits we want to achieve, both:

  • Tangible benefits
  • Intangible benefits


Benefits are looked into both from a customer and provider view.

Tangible benefits

A tangible benefit is a real benefit which should be straight forward to confirm. (For example it is easy to measure and associate with your webshop)

We identified:

  2. ...



  • Increase sales by adding an online channel which will address a geographically more spread customer base then what we can cover through our brick shops.
  • Reduce the cost of a remote order by having a shorter processing time (labour cost) compared to the processing time we measure for orders coming in by phone or mail.


Intangible benefits

It is an indirect benefit which can't be felt or touched. The result is harder to measure or verify.

We identified:

  2. ...



  • The conservative shop image we have might improve by adding an online offering
  • Improve customer satisfaction for our brick customers by adding an e-business support solution for warranty claims.


Critical success factors

Critical success factors must be fulfilled in order to achieve the above objectives. We identified following critical success factors:

  2. ...


If you are aware of key elements which could cause that those objectives are not achieved, you should mention them. This paragraph should have management attention to make sure one tries to fulfill those critical success factors



  • Availability of end users for providing input to the design team.