Measurement and control


Wait with completing this part till you have seen the theory and practical use of "Analytics", both in social media as for websites. Your teacher will trigger you when you are ready for this part. When, in real life, building an e-commerce plan you should not wait that long of course...



This chapter discusses how we will verify that we achieve what was planned. This is done by detailing our plan for measuring and the metrics that will be used for validation. We will look from 2 angles:

  • Business result
  • Marketing result


Business result

  • There is a business result – Verification our webshop is contributing to the profitability of the company


We will measure and verify:



Marketing result


  • There is a marketing effect. - Verification our efforts do actually reach people, and contribute to brand awareness, customer loyalty, reputation, ...


We will measure and verify:


We will look more detailed into analytics later on in this course. But start to reflect already on why you should be measuring what. You can (and should) revisit this paragraph after the analytics lesson to get good quality text in your plan.