Strategy and tactics

Channel ?

  • What is your new channel mix ? Only webshop, mix of online and bricks ? Main focus remaining on bricks ?


Product ?

  • Are you offering the same products as “brick” based ? Or can you offer new formats (e.g. digital media download).


Market ?

  • What is your strategy regarding your target markets ? Will the online platform address new or other markets then your brick offering ? (e.g.: other geography, lower specification products for a price conscious young public,…)


Processes and Structures ?

  • What is the new company organization, structure, processes, way of working you want to introduce.


Price and promotions ?

  • Is your price the same on the webshop as in the brick shops ? Webshop somewhat cheaper standard price ? Lower spec. cheaper products on webshop ? New price methods available such as auction ?
    Example: many businesses have on e-bay a business webshop using the auction principle besides their brick offering with classic pricing.


Place in the sales process ?

  • Are you the seller, the buyer, the market place ?
    Example: is an intermediary offering the marketplace (and gaining money mainly on the transactions). is an intermediary offering the marketplace and gaining money mainly from advertising (banners, but also the ranking of your product on offer)