Create new tabs on your Facebook Page?

If you run a Facebook Page, you probably want to make it the perfect portfolio for your business or association. A Facebook presence is important these days, because if your audience is there already you’ll want to make the most of it. To make the most of your Facebook page, it’s a great idea to add some tabs.


Tabs on Facebook pages can be used to feature content from all sorts of places. You could use iFrames to show off a well-designed page from your website, to run competitions, or you could use a variety of applications to show off content from other social networks and tools. There are also several ways of going about this: You could code your own app to showcase your content, you could use an iFrame app to bring in almost any content you like, or you could try out some apps which make the process of adding content tabs to your Facebook page really simple. We have a few great suggestions for you to start with.


Woobox is an application designed to give you purpose-built tabs for a variety of social networks and other tools. We’ve previously discussed how Woobox works for Pinterest, but you can also use it for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or contest tabs. Most of these tabs can be installed for free on any or all of your Facebook pages. If you want to use their marketing-specific tabs then you can pay a premium for that access.


Welcome Tab

Welcome Tab is a Facebook app that makes it very easy to create both a fan gate and a welcome tab. Fan gates, or like gates, are a special sort of welcome page which is shown just to the Facebook users who haven’t “Liked” your fan page yet. Once they’ve clicked on “Like” they are shown the welcome page instead. This means you can create a special page copy designed to give your would-be fans a reason to pay attention to your content, such as promising exclusive content or access to competitions. Apps that let you design a clever, aesthetically pleasing welcome tab and like gate are almost essential for a great Facebook page.



Source: SocialAppsHQ


The Welcome Tab (SocialAppsHQ) application also gives you WYSIWYG HTML editing, CSS styling capabilities, real-time analytics, and unlimited image hosting. In order to kickstart your fan base, you also receive well-placed share buttons and “invite your friends” prompts.

Decor Tab Creator

The Decor Tab Creator is a really easy-to-use WYSIWYG tab editor. You can pick from a number of free templates for various purposes, such as musicians, artists, and photographers. From there, you plug in your details and adjust it further to suit your needs. It’s all very intuitive and from there it’s ready to go. If it suits you better, there’s a blank template to work with too.

On the free account you get one tab on one Facebook page. If you want anything more, there are a variety of paid accounts to choose from.



Pagemodo does many other things besides tabs for Facebook pages, such as cover image design and post scheduling. Skip straight to the custom tab design section to get started with your tab creation. Pagemodo offers free designs and paid designs to work with, so make your choice and edit away. Note that features such as the like gate are only available on paid accounts.


Build Your Own Like Gate iFrame App With Heroku

If you’re happy to write a bit of code, it’s always possible to build your own iFrame app for your welcome page and like gate on your Facebook page. This process is a little fiddly, so read up on exactly how to do this here.


There are also many other apps around that let you create a very specific tab for your Facebook page, such as the Bandpage app for musicians. These apps can only be customised within the scope of their original purpose, but they’re often really good. Check out details of the BandPage app if you’re a musician.


How Do You Use Facebook Page Tabs?

There are so many different types of tab apps for Facebook pages that it really comes down to knowing exactly what you want to achieve. Do you want to showcase your art? Link to other pages? Gain more fans? Get people signed up to competitions? Once you’ve decided on your plan it’s much easier to choose which of these tab applications is the best for you, and whether you will need to use a combination of tabs to achieve your goals.