How to import your online store onto Facebook


How to import an online store onto Facebook using StoreYa from StoreYa F-commerce on Vimeo.


StoreYa, a leading social commerce platform a leading social commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores into Facebook, fully customizing them to fit both the Facebook arena and the original store look & feel.’s solutions are designed to take full advantage of Facebook’s social features, as well as to add unique engagement and gamification tools in order to gain more fans, purchases and data.

StoreYa is an official partner of all the major eCommerce platforms, has thousands of merchants using its platform on a daily basis, and work with over 100 digital agencies worldwide.


Import you online store onto Facebook using StoreYa

Getting a lot of individuals to like your company’s Facebook page is one thing, but turning them into actual paying customers is another story. While the social network is very effective when it comes to talking to customers and keeping them posted on your products and services, you can actually engage your fans further if you bring your store to THEM.

By setting up your online store on Facebook, you can give your fans an opportunity to see your products right from your fan page. Doing this not only saves them time and effort, but it can also boost the likelihood of your customers making a purchase.


StoreYa is Magento extension that allows E-Commerce sites to connect their store to Facebook. Known as an “F-Commerce” platform, StoreYa lets users import their entire store inventory to their fan page, without the need for any coding or design expertise. Products can be uploaded using three ways: API, CSV, or manually. Merchants can set up shop on Facebook using StoreYa’s wizard that walks you through the whole upload process. Once your store is set up, you’re able to customize its look and feel, to ensure that the Facebook version of your store matches the colors and theme of your brand. The service also supports over thirty currencies to effectively cater to your international customers.

StoreYa organizes your products by their category and price, allowing users to easily browse through your merchandise. As an added convenience, customers can also use the search function and directly type in the products that they’re looking for. When a user selects a product, he or is redirected to your actual online store, where the transaction can be completed. This way, you only have to manage one store backend for sales. Moreover, all transactions are done outside of Facebook, to ensure that customers will go through a secured checkout process.

Another notable feature of StoreYa is its full integration with Facebook. Your fans and customers can actually share, like, and comment on specific products on your page, adding exposure to your store. Want to show your fans how much you appreciate them? StoreYa allows merchants to offer discounts exclusively for individuals who have liked your Fan page.

Aside from managing your products, you can also make use of StoreYa’s marketing features, such as their “Find on Facebook” capability. Simply type in a search query related to your merchandise, and you can view the most recent posts of people who are interested in buying these products, thereby allowing you to find potential customers.

Additionally, StoreYa offers statistics and analytics that allow you to measure the reach and effectiveness of your store. By finding out who your top visitors are and which products are performing well, you’ll be able to get ideas on the updates and modifications that you need to perform.

At present, StoreYa is still in its beta phase. Since the F-Commerce platform is only seeking your feedback, they are offering a free trial of their range of services, for the time being. Once their beta period is over, merchants will receive an additional 30 days of free trial before they incur monthly costs.


Regarding their prices, StoreYa will be charging monthly fees of $10, $15, and $20 for stores having 500, 1000, and 5000 SKUs respectively.


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