How to create a store on Facebook

F-Commerce is gaining momentum, so if you already ow n an e-commerce website, it’s a good moment to test the viability of using Facebook as an another sales channel. To create your Facebook store, you don’t need a lot of investment or resources, you can make use of several tools that help you to create your own Facebook store front, importing the products catalog you already have in your web storefront, or adding new products specially selected for your Facebook store.

Here is a list of 6 alternatives to (easily) create your Facebook Store.

1. Shoptab: set up a shop tab on your Facebook Fan Page



Step-by-step guide on how to set up your Facebook ShopTab

For a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Facebook shop tab review this 4 step guide (pdf download) on how to set-up your shop in ShopTab's admin console. This will support an existing e-commerce website or provide a fully functional checkout cart with inventory, shipping and tax support.


Value of Working with ShopTab's Facebook Shop Application

Take a quick tour of a typical ShopTab Facebook Store implementation. See how you will set-up your account, configure your checkout options, customize your store layout and load your products.

  • Simple to install, typically takes less than 15 minutes
  • Showcase your products for as little as $10 a month
  • Supports any language and over 50 currencies
  • Easily add and edit your products individually or via numerous data feed options
  • Allow your customers to share your products with their friends
  • For buyer checkout, options include use of an existing e-commerce websire, our integrated checkout system or even a Cash on Delivery (COD) feature
  • Add your Facebook store to a blog or website to broaden your selling options
  • No set-up fees, revenue sharing or storing of your sales or client data


2. Beetailer: import your actual store to Facebook


Beetailer offers an interesting service that allows you to import your actual store (if it’s developed using Magento, Shopify or Prestashop) to Facebook. The service includes an analytics system that helps you to analyze and understand the behavior of your F-store, a completely integrated in Facebook purchase process, and several tools that helps you to promote your brand and products.

3. Voiyk: integrate your your online store in your Facebook fans page



Voiyk helps you to integrate your online store in your Facebook fans page. Voiyk doesn’t allow us to import our existent online store, so the process to create the Facebook store need more efforts than using Beetailer, but it may be a good option if we want to create a different user experience in our Facebook store, or even a selection of product specifically designed to connect with our fans in Facebook.

4. NorthSocial: personalize your Fan Page (into a shop)



NorthSocial is not (only) an application to create your Facebook Store, but a group of applications that allow any brand to personalize their fans page. Show & Sell is the NorthSocial application that helps you to create a Facebook store, but you can consider some of their packs in order to boost the power of your Facebook fans page.


5. TabJuice: integrate a storefront in your Fan page


Tabjuice allows you to integrate a storefront in your fan page. The big difference with other similar applications is that Tabjuice allows to choose the review platform to integrate, automatically calculates taxes, have a powerful design configuration, etc.


6. Payvment: sharing products on Facebook


Payvment started as a free cart for Facebook, but since then, it has evolved to a more integrated and powerful solution. Payvment is focused on sharing products on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and provides excellent analytis.