Getting Facebook Fans to sign up for your Email List

Do you have a growing Facebook Page community and wish you could email those people? Great, in this post we tell you in easy step-by-step directions exactly how to do that using MailChimp!

Once your fans are on your email list you can send them promotions, coupons, special offers, event invites, loyalty rewards and so much more. Keep reading to see how to get your Facebook fans to signup for your email list!

Step 1: Create a Facebook List in Your Email Software

You’ll want to create a separate Facebook users list in your email software so that you can always email your Facebook fans separate from the rest of your user base. This is important because it allows you to create custom and targeted special offers “for Facebook fans only.”

facebook fans list in email software

Example of a Facebook fans list in MailChimp

Step 2: Create a Branded Email Signup Form

Once you’ve created a Facebook fans list you’ll want to design a branded email signup form using your email software. MailChimp allows you to easily do this using a WYSIWYG template or by uploading your own HTML and CSS files. When designing a new form, MailChimp will give you the options to create a web page with a form on it, create an embeddable form or create a form integration.

Design an embeddable form in MailChimp

Select and design an embeddable form to put on your Facebook page. This example is from MailChimp. 

You’ll want to select and design an embeddable form that way you can place it on your Facebook Page. In addition to creating the form you’ll also want to brand the Sign Up Confirmation page and the Thank You page that visitors see when they add themselves to your list.


Step 3: Add an Email Signup App to Your Facebook Page

Once you have designed and branded your email signup form and the Confirmation and Thank You pages it’s time to add the form to your Facebook Page. If you’re using MailChimp you can simply click this link: After clicking that link you will simply click the “Setup Your Form Link” which will take you to your MailChimp account (you need to be logged in).

Click the Set Up Your Form button

Click the Set Up Your Form button

You will be taken to your Integrations Panel where you need to select Facebook. From there you just tell which list you want to connect to your Facebook page and you’re done – the form is now added as an app to your Facebook page!

Click the Facebook app integration button

Connect Your Facebook Page and select your Facebook Fans list to integrate with your Facebook page. The form on your Facebook Page should look something like this (though with your branding):

Facebook signup form example

Example: Facebook app with MailChimp signup form embedded in it.

Step 4: Come Up with an Incentive for Signing Up

In order to get Facebook fans to actually sign up for your email list you need to provide them with an incentive that you make clear in your call-to-action. In the above example the incentive is for pet owners to receive expert pet care tips and promos. Your own incentive can be the same, or it could be to receive: coupons, special event notifications, to join a loyalty club, etc. Whatever you feel is a strong incentive for getting fans to sign up for email.

Step 5: Post to Your Facebook Page About the List

To start getting your fans to sign up for your email list you need to let them know that the sign up form is now available. You can do this through a simple post on your Facebook page that includes a link to the MailChimp signup app.

Step 6: Run Facebook Ads that Point to the App

The final step for businesses who want to grow their email lists quickly is to run Facebook ads that point to the MailChimp signup app. In the ad be sure to include the reason why people should sign up as well as a strong call-to-action:

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 10.32.19 PM

Make sure that the incentive on the ad matches the incentive on the sign up form so there is no confusion. Even a slight variation in incentives can cause a user to lose trust and not sign up.

Using the AdEspresso Facebook ads manager you can easily create your ads, target an audience that would be interested in your email signup (you can target people who already Like your page, or simply people who are interested in your industry) and then a/b test your ads to get the best results for the least amount of spend.

AdEspresso will also provide you with a dashboard of stats that help you optimize all of your Facebook ad campaigns:

AdEspresso Facebook stats