Add Facebook Badges, social plugins to your website

It seems many are searching for how to add a Facebook Profile Badge, Page Badge, etc. to their websites to promote their Facebook Fan pages. This is a great idea to cross promote and integrate your brand presence among all your social media.

Facebook Badges Available

I wrote about how to do this back in July of 2008. Looking back at this article, not a whole lot has changed. There are still the 4 badges shown below:

  • Profile – this shares your personal profile, not your business profile
  • Photo – if you want to share your Facebook photos on your website, this is the one for you (you only get 8 photos, not sure if they rotate to others you may have)
  • Like – this shows the pages you like, not a button to click for people to like your page
  • Page – this is the one I use and the one I think is most useful if you’re wanting to promote your business page from your website


When you click one of these, you’ll be taken to another page where you can choose the page you want the code for. I use WordPress, so I clicked the ‘Other’ and then a pop-up box opened and next put your cursor in it and click on Ctrl+A to select everything in the box, then click Ctrl+C to copy everything and then take it to your website and paste it in the space you have set aside for it. For me, it’s a widget box – strategically placed. Then refresh your page and hopefully, everything has worked. If not, see the link at the end of this article for help.


Facebook like badge preview

Preview of what your 'Page' Badge will look like


Facebook Social Plugins

The social plugins were around 3 years ago, just a few more have been added – now there are 10. They are all below with links to tell you more about them.


The one I like best is the Like Box because of the information it shows. It shows your page’s name at the top in bold, then it shows your latest post (they are all brilliant, aren’t they)? The reader can click in the box and instantly be taken to your page where they can read more and LIKE you. You can do some styling of the box, which is great.

style your facebook plugin

Options to style your "Facebook Like Box" - use these!


You don’t have to limit yourself to one plugin – choose more than one and sprinkle them around your site – just be strategic about it and don’t overdo.